Email enquiries@ljscounselling.co.uk or call 07706 182797 and leave a message or send a text, I will reply back within 48 hours.
We will have a no obligation chat on the telephone, at a convenient time, and decide if counselling with me feels a good fit for you. We will then arrange a time for our first session, I will send you a copy of our agreement before then.
Sessions cost £50 each, payable in advance via online banking or PayPal, if either of those are difficult, you can pay cash.
Just like face to face counselling, we 'meet' at an arranged time, and I call you. I use Skype and WhatsApp video, you do not have to use a headset or headphones. Please find somewhere quiet and undisturbed where you can speak without fear of being overheard. If we lose internet connection, I will call you on the phone to complete the session. With video, consider what I may be able to see, your background for example, are you happy with that? Will your internet connection be strong enough to have therapy this way?
When we have spoken on the phone and booked our first session, I will email or text you my address, with full instructions. I am on a main road in Amesbury, there is general parking in the area which is free. The Activ8 bus stop is nearby, as well as the X4 and X5 bus routes not far away.
Unfortunately not. There are three steps in the garden, and a small step into the cabin.
I limit the amount of people coming into the cabin, and see more clients online now. I always keep the window open, and our chairs are over 2 metres apart. The blanket on the chair is changed between clients, and there is no need for clients to touch the doorhandle or gate handle as I close those. I wait outside for you and show you in, and then come in myself so that we can maintain a social distance. I ask that you do not attend if feeling at all unwell in any way. I provide a bottle of water and individual packets of tissues. If virus levels increase, I will only offer online and telephone counselling.
My cabin will not be suitable for anyone who has severe allergies to pet hair. Whilst the dogs are not present, I undoubtedly carry their fur on my clothes. During the pandemic I am unable to offer use of a toilet. There are toilet facilities in the town centre or at Tesco's.
Call and leave a voicemail 07706 182797. Email enquiries@ljscounselling.co.uk Text 07706 182797.